"Granito" Table by Jean PROUVE, Vitra 2002

"Granito" Table by Jean PROUVE, Vitra 2002


"Granito" table designed by Jean Prouve. Germany, Vitra, 2002.

The "Granito", also known as the "Flavigny" table, originally designed by Prouve between 1945-1950 for the Flavigny Sanatorium in France. A very small number of these original made tables survived. With the consent of the Prouve family,  Vitra decided to release an edition of these in 2002. Unfortunateley, the edition was never completed, mostly due to the heavy weight of the thick granite stones used. A few examples were made in different stone colours. We believe, only some ten tables were ever produced. This table is to date situated in Düsseldorf and ready to be shipped in a wooden container.

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Excellent condition, with fine soft polished stone surface.

Width:  206.4 cm = 81.26 "
Depth:  74.9 cm = 29.49 "
Height:  75.6 cm = 29.76 "