Original edition ELDA Chair by Joe COLOMBO, 1960s

Original edition ELDA Revolving Armchair by Joe COLOMBO, 1960s


ELDA chair designed by Joe Colombo. Italy, Comfort, 1963.

Vintage rotating white fibreglass shell with moulded cushions in subtle original black leather. Sitting on a 360-degree revolving base. Excellent vintage condition and very comfortable indeed! Named after Colombo's wife 'Elda'.


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Cesare "Joe" Colombo was until 1949 educated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, the Academy of Fine Arts in Milano as a painter and studied afterwards until 1954 Architecture at Politecnico di Milano University.

In 1951 he joined the Movimento Nucleare, founded by Sergio D´Angelo and Enrico Baj. The following four years Colombo was active as a painter and sculptor of the abstract Expressionism and exhibited his works with other members in Milano, Torino, Verviers, Venice and Brussels.

In 1955 Colombo joined the Art Concept Group but gave up his painting to promote his Design Career. He cooperated at the 10th Triennale Exhibition of 1954 and documented the International Ceramic Designs Exhibition in Albisola. For his presentation, Colombo created three exterior seating designs which were combined with a "shrinelike" presentation of Television screens.


Superb vintage condition, leather perfect.

Width:  92 cm = 36.22 "
Depth:  92 cm = 36.22 "
Height:  92 cm = 36.22 "