Two Seat Sofa by Marco ZANUSO for ARFLEX

Two Seat Sofa by Marco ZANUSO for ARFLEX


Two seat sofa, designed by Marco Zanuso. Italy, Arflex 1951.

The LADY two seat sofa, metal frame with wooden construction. Recently upholstered in grey velvet material. Brass legs. Rare and comfortable!

Reference for the Chair: Reference: Gramigna, G. Repertorio del design italiano, p 25 (Lady Chair illustrated)

Mehlhose & Wellner: Meubles modernes. 150 ans de design, p 493, illustrated. Even before the 'Lady' was on the market, it won the gold medal (IX Triennale) for design, concept and production method! (for more information, read: Bangert, A. Italienisches Möbeldesign.)


Width:  144 cm = 56.69 "
Depth:  81 cm = 31.89 "
Height:  82.5 cm = 32.48 "