Large Dining Table/ Desknby Osvaldo BORSANI, TECNO

Large Dining Table/ Desk by Osvaldo BORSANI, TECNO

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Large Dining Table/ Desk (T102A ) designed by Osvaldo Borsani in 1963/64. Produced by TECNO.

brass colourd metal on single cast base with the inner sides finished in matt black enamel. Original thick wooden table top. Rare.


- Repertorio del Design Italiano, 2 vols, page 110, illustrated.

- Bosoni, Gianpiero. TECNO. A Discreetly Technical Elegance. Skira, 2011. pp 128-129, illustrated.

Osvaldo Borsani (Varado 1911 – Milan 19985) Italian designer and architect. Best known for his research-based approach to making furniture, throughout his career Borsani merged technological and material improvements with inventive Modernist stylings. In 1953, Osvaldo and his brother, Fulgencio, founded the firm  TECNO in Milan. There, he created one of his hallmark designs, the P40 lounge chair, featuring rubber arms and the ability to assume 486 distinct postures. Some early designs by TECNO can now be found in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


Vintage condition, top surface with patina.

Width:  250 cm = 98.43 "
Depth:  110 cm = 43.31 "
Height:  75 cm = 29.53 "